Jaffe Wants People to Relax, He “Hears You!”

July 26, 2010Written by Corey Schwanz

While the surprise E3 announcement blew gamers away, now that Twisted Metal has been let out of the bag, people are already complaining. Even with a ton of information given out from Jaffe himself, gamers are all worried. We should take a hint from Jaffe and settle the… *eh hem* heck…down.

On his blog update, David Jaffe has vocally addressed the fact the new Twisted Metal may not have the most recognizable characters of the franchise. He just wants you to remember that characters do not equal gameplay.

“Please keep in mind this Twisted Metal single player and co-op will be more varied than ANY TM you’ve ever played. We are NOT doing GTA style missions or vehicle escorts and such BUT we DO have mechanics laid on top of the core campaign deathmatch that adds to the play varied so you don’t get bored. We also have more bosses than any TM game….So while you may be disappointed by the fact that there are currently no plans for Marcus Kane or Bloody Mary or No Face, please know that the one player/campaign game you DO get is going to be the best one we’ve ever made.”

Jaffe is very vocal about the support and input of the fans. He’d like to put in everything from every game, but you have to think in the realm of possibility. An incredibly idea exists and being able to implement it are two completely different things.

“We hear you. We talked about it at breakfast today and discussed possible ways to address the concern. Can we make those adjustments to the game in the time we have left? Not sure, no idea. But for those who respectfully voiced your issue, it is appreciated, the development and publishing team is aware of your issue, and we are looking to see if there is anything we an do about it. No promises at all. But just so ya know, ya’ll are being heard. And it’s appreciated.”

So just relax everybody! This is David Jaffe we’re talking about. He knows what he’s doing.