Netflix Gets Updated: Searching That Doesn’t Suck

July 26, 2010Written by Corey Schwanz

With last week’s announcement that a major change would be coming to Netflix on PS3 in the coming months, including disc-less streaming, it looks like Netflix slyly introduced a nifty little function — one that even the 360 doesn’t have yet.

Ahh…finally. Searching that makes sense. Instead of having to use the obnoxious category system, Netflix users now have another option. You can navigate to the Search column and merely type in the first letter of the movie or television show that you want to watch and a list will appear on the right side of the screen. This list gradually gets smaller and smaller as you continue to type in the name of your program. This way you can venture out into newer content rather than sticking to your “liked” column cause it’s easier. Make sure to listen to PlayStation LifeStyle for the news coming later this fall on the Netflix major updates as well!