New Addition to PS3 Boxart Lets You Know When to Move

August 15, 2010Written by Kishen Patel

It is clear that PlayStation Move is an extremely high priority on Sony’s agenda for the PlayStation 3. With the maximized marketing efforts, already strong sales on pre-orders, and positive reviews from the press, the PS3 motion control peripheral is sure to be a success. We have already discussed possible convolutions to the different pieces to the Move puzzle. Thankfully, Sony Computer Entertainment has listened and are ready with a solution to the confusion.

Similar to when the Dualshock 3 was released back in 2008, SCE began to place an advisory image on the packaging. But a compatibility sticker is not as necessary as a requirement logo would be. Just like the “Multiplayer Online Only” message on titles like Warhawk and MAG, Sony is now implementing both a logo for Move requirement along with a message right on the box art of the title in question.

As seen in the slightly redesigned box art above, the vividly-colored Move required logos should give even the most oblivious consumers the message that something they may not have is required for the title. Thanks to the image of the PS Eye and Move controller, any confusion in the video game isle should come to a standstill when it comes to Move required titles.

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