Sony Quietly Rolling Out PS5 Update for New Game Library Feature

Sony Quietly Rolling Out PS5 Update for New Game Library Feature

Sony Interactive Entertainment has been quietly rolling out a PS5 update that improves the console’s game library with the addition of a new feature. The update in question makes it a tad easier for players to update games in their library.

New PS5 game library update explained

As spotted by several Reddit users and corroborated by users on other gaming forums, players now have the option to go into their library and manually check for updates for any game they want. This option wasn’t there previously, forcing players to first launch games from their library to see if there was an update available. In case there was a patch, players would then have to quit the game and download/apply the patch before proceeding to play.

The addition of the “Check for Update” option essentially cuts down an unnecessary step and hassle (do note that this is not the same thing as the ability to update a game from the main dashboard). The feature can be seen in the screenshot below.

Image credit: Reddit user JTStarkiller

It’s unclear when this feature began rolling out and if it requires a separate download, as it’s not available to all players yet. Those who have the new option on their console haven’t been prompted to update system software since September, so Sony may be pushing it out without the need for a download.