Over Two Dozen New Killzone 3 MP Facts

August 19, 2010Written by Paulmichael Contreras

Killzone 3 information has been far from sparse thanks to gamescom. A substantial list of the various features the multiplayer component of this title has recently been let loose, and we’ve got it all after the jump.

For those of you with little spare time or short attention spans, here’s a shorter summarized version:

There will be three game modes: Warzone, all-new Operations, and Guerrilla Warfare. Players of all preference (casual to veteran) can play how they want. It will be easier to find friends to play with thanks to a new matchmaking system. Bots have been improved. Squads are a big focus, you can stay with friends from game to game.  Multiplayer is going to be story-driven. Career has been re-tooled, with five different classes, six weapons per career/class, and of course you can level up. The medic has some new and useful abilities. Tactical spawn points can be created, which can be taken over by the opposition. The best players at the end of the round are featured in cinematics after the match, some devices are felt map-wide such as EMPs to disable jetpacks and nerve gas that blocks access to an area. Move and 3D support will be included in multiplayer. The website will be fully integrated, feeding friends’ news first. Clans and tournaments are back and improved, unranked practice rounds are also possible.

Whew! Below is the entire list:

Game Modes

  • There are three game modes: Warzone, Operations, and Guerrilla Warfare. Operations is brand new.

Key Goals

  • It’s all about your play style, everyone from casual to veteran can play.
  • There are colossal and immersive experiences that only the PS3 can offer.
  • Rewritten matchmaking system. Now easier to find friends.
  • Specific rewards. There’s always something to earn no matter how many times you play the same level.
  • Bots are bigger and better than ever before.
  • Stay with your friends going game to game. There’s just three simple and straightforward [steps] to getting into each multiplayer  game.
  • There’s now a squad priority headset channel.
  • There’s now a squad member HUD.
  • There are special squad rewards.
  • The multiplayer is designed to be immersive and story driven!

Entirely Reworked Career System

  • There are five different careers/classes.
  • There are six weapons per career.
  • You can rank up and earn unlock points to select abilities and weapons.

New Medic Class Abilities

  • The Medic has been revamped. Has a protector bot that follows him around.
  • The Medic special ability called ‘Survive Bleed Out’. He Can respawn right where he died.

Tactical Spawn Points

  • New tactical spawn points can be claimed by Tacticians. These allow your team to spawn in better locations. Extremely useful on bigger maps and for ambushing/rushing to weapons. These can be claimed back by the other team if not held.

Spotlight Your Character

  • If you score the most points/are the most valuable team member, your multiplayer character features in the cut-scenes so everyone knows it was you.
  • Explosive events now affect entire levels. EMP that kills all jet packs etc. Nerve gas that blocks off certain areas of map.


  • Full 3D and Move support. No compromises for multiplayer.


  • Fully integrated community website.
  • Track friends’ news first.
  • Contribute to the Killzone franchise.
  • Track rewards.


  • Clans and tournaments are back – bigger and better than ever.
  • Unranked practice games are included.

Killzone 3 is set to launch this February.