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By The Numbers: PlayStation LifeStyle’s Highest Scored Games (Part One)

This week we get to look at some good games, and Dead Nation.


PlayStation Now Beta Includes Killzone 3, Puppeteer, More; PS Now Beta Video Shows Killzone 3

The video’s pretty low quality…


Guerrilla Games Talks Revamping the Killzone Universe With Shadow Fall, Killzone 3’s Unanswered Questions

They’re leaving them unanswered it seems.


Killzone 3 Trophies + DLC Trophies – Trophy List

Main Game Trophies: Aerial Superiority – Kill 5 Helghast while in theRead the full article…


Killzone Trilogy Possibly Incoming, Spotted via Amazon Listing

Another Sony collection? No way!

Killzone 3 Limited to Only Three Operations Maps, Additional Levels ‘Unlikely’

Killzone 3 has been well supported by Guerrilla Games since its launchRead the full article…

Killzone 3 “From the Ashes” DLC Offers Bang for the Buck

Killzone 3 has been relatively quiet since it released just a fewRead the full article…

Killzone 3 Welcome Back Bonus Bolsters Player Ranks

After over 3 weeks of PSN downtime players are excited to hop online to shoot more Helghast, and Guerilla Games is providing a bonus welcoming players back.

Retrospective From Sony On Success of 3D Gaming Incoming

It seems like only yesterday that we were in Sony’s Culver CityRead the full article…


PlayStation Store Preview – April 12, 2011

Want to know what is coming to the PlayStation Store this week?Read the full article…

Killzone 3 “Steel Rain” DLC Out Now in Europe, Soon in US [Updated]

Killzone 3 released this past February, to glowing reviews. It has alreadyRead the full article…

feature-Killzone 3 Steel Rain

Upcoming Killzone 3 DLC Detailed, Trailer Revealed

Guerrilla Games have just released the first details and date of the upcoming Killzone 3 DLC Pack titled Steel Rain.

SOCOM 4 Beta In Full Swing, First Week of Operations Detailed

SOCOM 4‘s beta program was initially detailed just before GDC. True toRead the full article…

Killzone 3’s Latest Patch Did More Harm Than Good

Killzone 3 released last month to high review scores, but has frustratedRead the full article…

Massive Killzone 3 Update Incoming

As players are getting their hands on Guerrilla’s latest Killzone installment, KillzoneRead the full article…


Killzone 3 – Trophy Guide

Killzone 3 is the follow up to Guerrilla Games’ 2009 smash hitRead the full article…

Fan-Made Short Film Brings Killzone to Life

The Killzone franchise has been noted for it’s outstanding graphics, and the third installment has over 70 minutes of cutscenes in the game. But could Killzone work on the big screen? Enter Killzone: Extraction.

Killzone 3 Fails to Beat Killzone 2 Launch Sales

The first week sales for Guerrilla Games’ Killzone 3 – released lastRead the full article…

Steel Rain Map Pack Unveiled For Killzone 3

Guerrilla Games has announced the Steel Rain map pack for the recentlyRead the full article…

feature-Killzone3 MG

Guerrilla Games Is Keeping Their Eye on You

The recent activity by hackers on our favorite console (the PS3) has many people in the industry a bit worried and while you can count Guerrilla Games among those people, they have a plan to deal with any hackers they might run across.