Killzone 3 “From the Ashes” DLC Offers Bang for the Buck

Killzone 3 has been relatively quiet since it released just a few months ago, mostly due to this year being full of great games to play. But never fear, because new maps are here to make sure people start talking about the game during this summer.

Guerrilla Games have revealed details for the upcoming Killzone 3 DLC which is accurately titled “From the Ashes“. The pack will include a total of four maps, each widely different in style, and covering both Guerrilla Warfare and Warzone styles of play.

The development team also chose to unveil two of the maps today, including both Mobile Factory and Lente Missile Base. Mobile Factory is a 16 player map set on the large mobile fortress found in Killzone 3‘s campaign mode. The fortress is constantly moving, and if players aren’t careful, they’ll plummet to their deaths. On the other hand, the Lente Missile Base is staged in the gorgeous Kaznan Jungle, a section in the campaign mode that many regarded as their favorite. The map will support 24 players for a chaotic Warzone experience with deadly missile explosions adding danger to major choke points.

From the Ashes will be offered in the next PlayStation Store update for only $4.99. Better yet, Guerrilla Games will be offering both major DLC packs along with the Retro Pack which includes two Killzone 2 favorites for only $9.99. Now that’s bang for the buck.