Killzone 3 Limited to Only Three Operations Maps, Additional Levels ‘Unlikely’

Killzone 3 has been well supported by Guerrilla Games since its launch back in February. A total of three DLC packs have been released, and best of all, they’ve included quality content for an unbeatable price. However, Killzone fans have been asking for one thing in particular which has yet to be addressed: additional operations mode maps.

Guerrilla Games has displayed some doubt on whether or not additional operations maps would be added post-launch. We can now safely, and sadly, say that there is very little chance that this wide concern for Killzone 3 will ever be addressed. The official Killzone twitter account had the following posted in response to a question regarding DLC and operations mode:

It is unlikely there will be any more Operations maps for Killzone 3.

There are currently only three maps that support operations mode, and they are Frozen Dam, Akmir Snowdrift, and Mawlr Graveyard. Coincidentally, many argue that these are the most entertaining maps, and the mode sets the game apart from competitors with its player-integrating cutscenes and big moments. It’s a shame that Guerrilla Games is doubtful that additional levels of this mode will be added, and hopefully they can deliver a larger variety in Killzone 4.

Killzone 3 has just had its third DLC pack launched, and it includes four maps for only $4.99. Be sure to check it out!