Bulletstorm Devs Set Themselves 95% Apart from the Crowd

August 20, 2010Written by Max Murray

How many First Person Shooters have you played in the past 4 years? How many of them have been roughly the exact same game, rehashed, relabeled, and re-released? How irritated does that make you in retrospect? People Can Fly, the development team behind Bulletstorm are hoping to change the public image of their new game before it receives a gets an unwarranted label slapped on it.

Responding to the claim that Bulletstorm looks like “Great mindless fun,” Adrian Chmielarz, the Creative Director at PFC tweeted

‘It bothers me when people say Bulletstorm looks like “great mindless fun”. “Great” and “fun” I can live with, but how is it “mindless”?’

To separate it from the masses, Bulletstorm has been developed with a a new gameplay feature called “Skillshot”. This gives the player extra incentive and rewards for inflicting imaginative and creative damage on enemies.

‘There is hundred times more strategy involved in Skillshot gameplay than in 95% of the shooters out there.’

Skillshot or not, it’s going to take a lot more than a tweet to convince the wide masses that this shooter is really going separate itself from current high ranked contenders. What do you think so far?