Only One Tenth of Joe Danger Owners Have Completed it All

Hello Games’ magnificent PlayStation Network exclusive Joe Danger amazed most gamers with its fun and addictive action-packed levels. But how many people who bought the stunt-racer actually completed it? Not many. According to the developers Managing Director Joe Danger only had a 10 percent completion rate.

An interesting blog entry posted by Sean Murray over at Edge revealed:

“Only about 10 percent of people who bought Joe Danger have completed it (their average play time is well over 20 hours). Most journalists didn’t get past the halfway mark. Was it a wasted effort to add those last few levels that most people don’t see though? Is it valueless?”

Are you a part of that 10%? Don’t be shy and speak up – let us know via the comment section below. For more information on the dangerous racer, check out PlayStation LifeStyle’s review and an interview with Murray himself.