Vanquish Action Turned up to ‘Maximum’

August 25, 2010Written by Allen Tyson

Takeo Kido, graphics designer for the Armored Core series, is in charge of special effects for the upcoming explosively-paced shooter, Vanquish. According to Kido, he and his team wanted to crank up the chaos in Vanquish to a “maximum amplitude.

On the blog for the game, he had this to say about  one of the many goals the team had:

We wanted to have maximum amplitude, so when the bullets are flying everywhere, you’d want to say, “Somebody save me!” Explosions would be booming around you, and shrapnel would be flying everywhere.

Gameplay footage from gamescom recently surfaced that shows Act 1: Mission 3. After watching it one thing came to mind: Kido-san, you have succeeded. Take a look and judge for yourself. I think you will agree.


Don’t blame me if you’re now even more anxious to play the demo. Don’t worry though — I will be starting a support group to get us through to next week. I will send you an invite.