NBA 2K11 Slam Dunks With Move, Shoots a 3D Pointer

August 27, 2010Written by Cameron Teague

A game featuring his ‘Airness’, Michael Jordan on the cover couldn’t possibly get any cooler could it? Well 2K Sports looks to test that theory as they have revealed that the upcoming NBA 2K11 will support not only the PS Move but also 3D.

While there hasn’t been anything said on the specifics of just how it all will work, IGN has learned that the Move will be used in shooting, passing, blocking shots, stealing and dunking. This will make for an interesting wrinkle in the game when it releases October 5th and we are sure to hear even more news on the game leading up to its release.

So are you excited by the prospect of possibly getting deeper into the game and stepping out onto the court?