Level-5 Bringing Secret Game to TGS

Developer Level-5 has revealed its Tokyo Game Show lineup, and while there are not a lot of surprises in store, the developer has promised that there will be at least be one mystery game.

On the list is The Little Battlers (PSP), Ni no Kuni: Queen of the Holy White Ashes (PS3) and a secret game to be shown on the 15th. No clues as to what the mystery game could be but if you can’t tell from our header image, we hope it has to do with Dark Cloud making its way to the PS3.

Information at this time is sparse, but be we will certainly know more on the 15th.  Until then, check out why Dark Cloud is on our Top 5 Wanted PS3 RPG’s list, or if you already know, then go rebuild a town from some Synth Spheres, or invent a weapon or two, for old times sake.