Jimmy’s Bringing His Vendetta to the Mafia Next Week

After more than eight years, 2K Games brought a sequel to the award-winning Mafia. Needless to say, the franchise has indeed aged well, similarly to Rockstar’s revival of it’s old western franchise with Red Dead Redemption. Taking a page out of Rockstar’s book, 2K Games plans to keep it’s open-world outing fresh with sequential downloadable content starting with the next episode of content which has now been priced and dated.

Priced at $9.99 and dubbed “Jimmy’s Vendetta”, the second set of DLC will hit the PlayStation Store on September 7. The add-on content takes players through a new mission set seen through the eyes of protagonist Jimmy who is usually seen in the main quest taking care of finishing up what the other Mafia members started. The missions pack a punch with variety such as timed vehicle pursuits, chases, and of course the gut-wrenching Mafia shootouts.

Given the slightly above average price point, the DLC will likely provide bang for its buck, but if you are unsure whether to make the purchase, stay tuned for our official review on “Jimmy’s Vendetta”.