Something ‘Epic’ to Come from Mark Rein’s Twitter

Twitter is becoming a place to not only talk about random bits of your life but a place where developers drop reveals for upcoming games. The latest to use this powerful internet tool is Mark Rein of Epic Games and before you ask, it’s not concerning Gears of War 3.

Mark Rein, Vice President of Epic Games, had this to say on his own personal twitter account:

“I’m going to tweet some big news as soon as I break 2,000 followers – tell your friends”

He then backtracked a bit and replaced big news with just news.

“Hmmm…. maybe I shouldn’t have called it “big news” and just said “news”. Ok so it will just be some regular ordinary news then :)”

No clue as to what this news could be or if it even has anything to do with the PS3. However, we wanted to cover this to encourage you to follow the Epic Vice President, because we won’t find out what’s going on until he hits 2000 followers, which he is currently sitting at 1,771. Follow him now to speed up this process.