Retailer Lists MAG 2 for PS3 Release

We’ve had a bevy of retailers ousting new games this past month. From the recently revealed Mass Effect 2 on PS3, to the still unannounced Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia Trilogies. The latest retailer listing is much more of a ‘massive’ surprise.

A listing has recently appeared over at Walmart for a sequel to Zipper’s team based FPS, MAG. The only other detail listed is a tentative release date of the 25th of January next year.

The first game was released earlier this year to a mixed a reaction from critics. Some found the ‘256 player battles’ to be nothing more than a gimmicky bullet-point for the back of the box but others relished the opportunity to charge into battle with 127 brethren.

There is a lot of new features currently being tested in the MAG beta, but how the team over at Zipper could possibly expand on 256 players is a mystery, and almost bordering on witchcraft if you ask us. We’ll have more details on this potential sequel when and if they become available.