Vanquish to Receive Second Demo after Launch

Fans of Platinum Games’ new acrobatic IP, Vanquish, have already had a taste of the game’s unique speed-oriented gameplay in the demo that was released a couple of weeks ago, but for all of you non-believer types, Sega are going to pull out the stops and serve you with… another demo.

This time however, the demo won’t be a part of the main single player campaign and instead will be “part of an extra game mode and a separate entity next to the main story. This mode will unlock as the player progresses, and we’d like players to earn this themselves by playing through the main game.”

What this extra mode is however, they didn’t say. Vanquish is being developed by the brainbox behind Resident Evil 4, Shinji Mikami and will be on retail shelved on the 22nd of October.