MAG Getting Magnificent Price

Released in January of this year, Zipper Interactive’s Massive Action Game took the PlayStation Network by storm with the promise of 256-player online battles. Without a doubt, MAG in the present day is a drastically different experience than its original release which is only evolving further. As the evolution is confirmed to continue, next week PS3 gamers will have no excuse to discount this shooter from their gaming library.

Next week, MAG will official join the ranks of the “Greatest Hits” lineup of PS3 games. With the attractive $29.99 price point, avid online shooter fans will definitely want to pick this massive and multiplayer (but not massively multiplayer) game up. With PlayStation Move support coming in a matter of weeks along with game changing tweaks, such as a revamped skill-tree and increased level cap to name a few, there is no excuse not to give this first-person shooter a chance.

MAG will officially become a “Greatest Hits” title on September 28, 2010. If you do not already own this title in your collection, will you be picking it up at this lowered price-point? Tell us in the comments below.