Cross Game Chat – Episode 6

Another Monday, another podcast! Cameron is back from his “not-really-a-vacation” trip and joins regulars Josh, Adam and Paulmichael to discuss the past week’s hottest stories.


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This week, Dead Rising 2 tops our upcoming releases, and it inspired the gang to come up with their weapon of choice to use in the inevitable zombie uprising. The lesson learned here? We are all so, so screwed. Let us know whose creation was your favorite, and of course e-mail us your own diabolical creations to fight the war on the undead at

PLUS: Name a feature! Cameron always has something to rant and rave about each week, and this week he gives his opinion on SEGA’s recent Valkyria-related decisions. While he knows what he wants to rant about, he has no idea what to call the feature so we need your help in naming this feature. So grab a drink, lean back and enjoy the ramblings of some of the PSLS staff in whatever way floats your boat.