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“Closed Theater” Opens to The 3rd Birthday


With the internet buzz suggesting a PlayStation Portable 2,  Square Enix is squeezing all the life possible out of the current PlayStation Portable. If you were on the fence about buying the 3rd Birthday, after watching the “Closed Theater” trailer your doubts will subside.

As the trailer starts,  Aya Brea, CTI Special Agent, is investigating a manifestation at a concert – which quickly turns into chaos and bloodshed. This time around, Square Enix shows us more details, more background story elements, and more beautiful cut scenes that are in themselves a masterpiece.

From the eerie yet engaging soundtrack—which reminds me of a cross between something very Square Enix and the soundtrack to Halloween—, to the mature subject matter, it’s clear they have an engaging experience in mind.

And don’t forget to watch all the way until the end of the trailer past the credits…it looks like someone may have found themselves lost.