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just cause 4 gameplay trailer

See a Tornado Tear Through Just Cause 4

Chasing tornadoes.

shattered state

Until Dawn Developer Trademarks ‘Shattered State’ as gamescom Teases ‘Huge’ Surprises

Tune in on Tuesday, August 21.

tomb raider coca cola

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Teams With Coca-Cola for The Making of a Tomb Raider

The event takes place in select US theaters.

Lara Croft figure

Weta Workshop’s Lara Croft Statue Costs a Whopping $800

Preorders are open now.

shadow of the tomb raider new game plus

Completing Shadow of the Tomb Raider Unlocks New Game Plus Mode

This is the first Tomb Raider to feature the increasingly popular mode.

the quiet man info

Listen Closely to Hear More About The Quiet Man

Light and heavy attack buttons? You’re speaking my language, Square Enix.

shadow of the tomb raider weapons

Lara Croft Is Deadly in This Shadow of the Tomb Raider Trailer

Lara Croft has an arsenal of trick arrows that would impress the Emerald Archer.

japanese stocks down

Japanese Game Company Stocks Dip Amid Chinese Gaming Market Freeze

When things stop moving, the numbers take a big hit.

best Kingdom Hearts music

The Best Kingdom Hearts Music (Thus Far)

Our dirty dozen of delightful Kingdom Hearts music

crystal dynamics expansion

Crystal Dynamics Opens Crystal Northwest

For those hoping for a Gex reboot, I’m sorry.

shadow of the tomb raider trailer

Latest Shadow of the Tomb Raider Videos Show Off Lara’s Survival Skills

How Lara becomes “one with the jungle.”

Tomb Raider and Spider-Man

Eidos Isn’t Worried About Spider-Man Overshadowing Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The two games are a week apart, but Eidos isn’t concerned.

shadow of the tomb raider preview

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Hands-On Preview – The End is Near (PS4)

It’s almost time for Lara to master being the Tomb Raider…

shadow of the tomb raider outfits

Relive Lara Croft’s Early Adventures With Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s Classic Outfits

Lara Croft can rock some retro looks in Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

the quiet man gameplay

Square Enix Shows Off The Quiet Man Gameplay During Livestream

The Quiet Man definitely won’t go down without a fight.

dragon quest xi costume

Dragon Quest VIII-Flavored Bonus Revealed for Dragon Quest XI

A nice little shout out to the PS2 era.

shadow of the tomb raider stealth

Lara Croft Gets Stealthy in Latest Shadow of the Tomb Raider Trailer

Lara’s stealth tactics have notably improved.

new dissidia final fantasy nt stage

Final Fantasy’s Insomniac Citadel Coming Soon to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Garland sure does have it rough.