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Now Loading…Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Pre-Order “Bonuses” Issue and What to Make of It

“Augment” your thoughts within!


Square Enix Unveils Five Minutes of Final Fantasy XV Driving Gameplay and a Screenshot of Caem

Get a recap of the Active Time Report if you missed it.


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Release Date Announced, Tier-Based Pre-Order Campaign Detailed

Collector’s Edition includes Art Book, figurine, and more.


Final Fantasy XV Release Date Reconfirmed for 2016, Reveal Coming in March

Specific release date to be announced in March 2016.


Game Spinoffs: Milking? Or Delivering What the Fans Want?

Best Video Game Podcast Episode 8: Spinoff City.

Hitman Alpha Screenshot

Watch the Hitman “Showstopper” Playthrough From PAX Prime

Focuses on the core Hitman experience.


Dragon Quest Heroes English Trailer Debut

Cast has a myriad of different accents.

square enix

Square Enix Begins Revealing TGS 2015 Lineup

Big names being confirmed, other big names they’ll make ya wait for.


Final Fantasy VII Remake Battle System Is Going Through “Trial and Error” Right Now, Says Producer

“Please don’t ask about how far into development we are and such.”


Just Cause 3 Competition Gives You the Chance to Win an Actual Island Worth $50,000

But you’ll probably want the cash prize instead.


“No Plans” Has “No Meaning”

Don’t read too deeply into publishers saying “no plans.”


Rise of the Tomb Raider’s Combat System Revolves Around Player Choice

Watch a stealth playthrough of the gamescom 2015 demo.


Square Enix PAX Prime 2015 Lineup Revealed, Includes New Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report

The fun starts August 28.


Final Fantasy XIV Crosses Five Million Users

Number doesn’t include free trials.


Power to the People: Do Consumers Hold More Power Than Ever Before in the Industry?

And are they always right?


Kingdom Hearts 3 Will Include Big Hero 6, Continues the Events of the Movie

Visit Bayman in San Fransokyo.


Final Fantasy XV Devs “Almost Regretting” Underestimating the Importance of gamescom

Final Fantasy XV budget is nowhere close to Destiny’s or GTA V’s.


Dragon Quest XI – 9 Screenshots of New PS4 (and 3DS) RPG

You can probably tell which version is which.


Eidos Montreal Details Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’s New Features Including Game Plus Mode

Game Plus mode is coming “by popular demand.”

Final Fantasy VII Cosplay

Final Fantasy VII Cosplay Perfectly Recreates Famous Game Moment

The post does contain FFVII spoilers.