Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus and Resurgence Packs Gets Temporary Discount

Think the Stimulus and Resurgence downloadable content packs for Modern Warfare 2 are too expensive? Fear not, Sony has slashed the price by 50% for a limited time.

Sony has decided to cut down the prices for both map packs available for the game by 50% until next week. Both the DLC packs adds five new maps to players’ selection; three new maps and two remakes of the original Modern Warfare’s maps in each pack. Manager of the European PlayStation Store, Mike Kebby, confirmed the news via his Twitter account:

“Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus and Resurgence Packs are discounted (by 50%) on PSN Store for the next week. Move out…GO GO GO!”

The discount is now now live so hop onto the PlayStation Store and go crazy! For more information on Modern Warfare 2 check out PlayStation LifeStyle’s review.