Resistance 3 Info Explosion

A whole slew of new Resistance 3 details have emerged via this month’s issue of Game Informer. If you’re a Resistance fan, then this new info will have you chomping at the bit like a leviathan. And even if you’re not a fan (seriously?), then this might just be enough to reel you in.

Here are the details by way of the friendly folks over at NeoGAF.

– Protagonist Joseph Capelli has started a family with Susan, the stepsister of former hero Nathan Hale.

– Malikov is alive.

– The weapon wheel is back

– A two-player cooperative campaign will be present, with Capelli, Malikov and John Harper being the key characters.

– Players will be able to battle in an African Prison as part of one of the game’s multiplayer maps.

– Chimeran plant life explodes when shot, which is representative of the fact the world is undergoing drastic changes.

– Enemies will boast enhanced AI, while Capelli will be able to climb over walls and through windows, etc.

– A new weapon has been confirmed called The Mutator. Its primary function is to shoot a biological mist that causes boils to appear on foes, which can then pop and harm nearby Chimera. Players can also use it to make their enemies turn against each other.

– Returning weapons include the Magnum, Shotgun, Bullseye, Auger and Carbine. They’re also upgradable the more you use them, with other weaponry such as grenades sporting a more improvised look to them.

– A vaccine exists that may be able to cure the Chimeran virus

– Insomniac is keen to improve upon the online component and make it more organized in comparison to Resistance 2’s 60-player matches.

– Finally, surviving humans are turning to acts of cannibalism due to the lack of available food.

A cure for the Chimeran virus? Cannibalism? New weapons? Based on just a few of these details, Resistance 3 is looking to garner game of the year status. Nobody knew just where the story would go with (spoiler!) the main protagonist being dead, but being able to control what appeared to be the manliest man in your squad isn’t a bad start, though there is no direct confirmation that you’ll be playing as Capelli.

Resistance 3 has yet to receive a set or even tentative release window, but odds are it’ll hit sometime in 2011. For all the latest details on what is shaping up to be a truly epic title, be sure to stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle!


Thanks to gtamaster503 for the tip!