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Days gone length story info

Days Gone Length, Story Details Revealed in Interview With Creative Director

There will be flashbacks and an origin for the infection.

Spider-man ps4 photo mode PS4 Pro

Spider-Man PS4 Photo Mode Confirmed, PS4 Pro Enhancements, Tons of Info From Rapid-Fire Interview

Mary Jane is a playable character.

God of War gameplay

New Details About God of War Gameplay and Development Revealed, Check Out Some Fresh Screenshots

We learn why the team decided to change the tone of the game.

gdc 2018 awards

New Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay and Details Revealed By Game Informer

Coverage trailer also offers up a look behind the scenes.

Tomorrow’s Next-Gen Only Game Informer Cover Reveal Could Have You ‘Flipping Out’

It isn’t Gears of War, God of War, or Half-Life 3.

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations to Toss Story into Multiplayer

Following the successful footsteps of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Ubisoft announced an additionRead the full article…

Prepare Your Pants for a “Highly Anticipated” Sequel Reveal

The next issue of popular magazine Game Informer will have a case of the sequels when it plays host to a “highly anticipated” sequel, or at least it is to Editor-in-Chief Andy McNamara.

Newest Game Informer Cover Revealed

While EA has released a new teaser trailer for Battlefield 3, andRead the full article…

Silent Hill 8 Gets A Wet Change

The announcement of Silent Hill 8 was a nice surprise at E3Read the full article…

Uncharted May Brave New PSP2 Frontiers

Naughty Dog proved that they knew how to expand upon the ideasRead the full article…

Resistance 3 Info Explosion

A whole slew of new Resistance 3 details have emerged via this month’s issue of Game Informer. If you’re a Resistance fan, then this new info will have you chomping at the bit like a leviathan. And even if you’re not a fan (seriously?), then this might just be enough to reel you in.

inFamous 2 Bringing Dualshock and Awe to PS3

inFamous 2 gets a shocking reveal in an exclusive, 10-page cover story in the July issue of Game Informer…

L.A. Noire Drops PS3 Exclusivity

At long last, the game long-sought after by avid PS3 fans hasRead the full article…

L.A. Noire Steps Out of the Shadows

L.A. Noire, like it’s genre, has been a mystery for some timeRead the full article…

Ninja Theory Gets Us Enslaved

Thanks to Game Informer, who kindly posted up the new cover ofRead the full article…

Secret Agent Clank Sneaks Off to New Platform

Secret Agent Clank, the sixth game in the [shal]Ratchet & Clank[/shal]┬áseries, wasRead the full article…

Incredible Modern Warfare 2 Artwork

Infinity Ward certainly knows how to advertise, as Game Informer’s next issueRead the full article…

Guerrilla Games Says Don’t Compare Killzone 2 To Anything

Guerilla Games representative talks about the lack of modern day influences for Killzone 2.