Spider-Man PS4 Photo Mode Confirmed, PS4 Pro Enhancements, Tons of Info From Rapid-Fire Interview

As part of Game Informer’s month long coverage of Spider-Man, they decided to rapid-fire 114 questions at Creative Director Bryan Intihar which gave us a lot more insight into the game. These rapid-fire interviews are something Game Informer loves to do with their cover reveal coverage on big games (as we saw with God of War earlier this year). Intihar let loose a lot of great new information about the game, while also providing some cryptic and funny answers in the 10 minute interview. Here’s the relevant info from the interview:

  • There are lots of collectibles
  • Elements of Spider-Man’s moveset are customizable
  • You level up in this game. Max level is TBD
  • Bryan asserts that Peter has always made his own web shooters
  • Spider-Man is played by Yuri Lowenthal
  • It will take advantage of the PS4 Pro to look and run better, but framerate is locked at 30 both ways
  • Mary Jane is going to surprise a lot of people in this game
  • New York City is like a character in the game
  • The open-world is several times bigger than Sunset Overdrive
  • The Avenger’s Tower is in the game
  • Spider-Man will not die immediately upon entering water
  • There are “too many” alternate costumes
  • One costume has a guitar-activated AOE attack
  • List of villains in the game: Kingpin, Mr. Negative
  • List of villains not in the game: The Joker, Hitler, Microtransactions
  • List of villains Bryan stayed silent on: Doc Ock, Sandman, Kangaroo, Big Wheel, Venom, The Raven Corporation
  • Let’s reiterate: Bryan said “Hell no!” when asked about microtransactions
  • Another “Hell no!” when asked if we see Uncle Ben’s death in the game
  • There will be a gadget wheel
  • The game takes place over a few weeks
  • Fast-travel system in the game is the subway
  • There is no big head-mode
  • Mary Jane and Peter Parker(out of Spidey suit) are playable in addition to Spider-Man
  • Post-release content is planned
  • There is a crafting system in the game
  • Bryan wants Spider-Man in Kingdom Hearts
  • There is a photo-mode
  • Photography might be part of the gameplay
  • There are no all-new original major characters.
  • The costume is “the highest” tech
  • Mary Jane knows Peter Parker is Spider-Man
  • No upside-down kisses
  • No “wanted” system like GTA
  • You can take selfies with civilians, high-five them, do finger guns at them, salute, etc.

While we’re sure to get additional details on many of these aspects later this month, there are some interesting tidbits to discuss. Spider-Man PS4 photo mode was a given, as nearly ever major Sony exclusive has a photo mode now. What’s exciting is how much thought Insomniac is putting into the mode this far before release. I think we could see Spider-Man hit with one of the best and most intensive photo modes ever.

The PS4 Pro enhancements were an interesting tidbit, confirming that the game will not go above 30 frames per second. I’m not terribly particular about frame rates myself, so I’m happy that they are instead pushing that power for performance. The vehement stand against microtransactions will make many happy, though it is confirmed that there will be post-launch story content (currently only confirmed as part of the Deluxe and Collector’s Editions, but we’ll probably see a season pass for sale down the line).

Spider-Man PS4 releases on September 7. What part of Spider-Man PS4 are you most excited for?

[Source: Game Informer]