Free DLC and Double XP Drifts to ModNation Racers

ModNation Racers has been one of the most customizable experiences in recent years with its fully user-created society featuring custom cars, tracks, and even characters. United Front Games has been supporting the game heavily with additional content, and now the company is looking to offer some special bonuses for free!

Starting on October 26th, the first of two planned part packs is going to be released for ModNation Racers. This special pack includes ramps, props, and several other items to enhance the level editor. The best part? It will be available absolutely free for two-weeks following release. In addition, United Front Games is hosting a double XP week starting on October 26th as well.

For those who have ModNation Racers but haven’t played it in a while, now’s a great chance to hop back into the wonderful world of Mods. A patch was released not too long ago which addressed community concerns, the region-lock was done away with, and the experience is much more developed now that thousands of users have uploaded their fine work. Also, with double XP offered for a whole week, it’d be crazy not to join. Start warming up your engine!