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Video Games Have Their Day in Supreme Court

November 2, 2010Written by Ray Conley

Violence in video games is one controversy that always seems to turn up like a bad penny. Retailers in California may soon face some hefty fines if Modern Warfare finds its way into the hands of minors.

Today, Supreme Court justices will be deciding whether they should reinstate a ban that won’t allow people to sell or rent violent video games to minors in California. Such purchases will be left up to the parents who can buy the aggressive games for their young ones. However, any retailers caught doling out violent media to anyone under 18 could face charges up to $1,000.

Lower California courts have stated that evidence was lacking when trying to prove that violent games were harmful to children. Whether true or not, some are still in support of upholding the ban as they believe that violent entertainment is harmful towards kids. Meanwhile, the game industry believes that such productions should be handled under the First Amendment.

Do you think a ban is necessary for the state to control what reaches the youth of America? Or is this a step in the wrong direction towards too much control?