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Konami to Celebrate Suikoden’s 15 Year Anniversary

November 6, 2010Written by Cameron Teague

One of the greatest RPG series of all time will be celebrating something very special on December 15th of this year. Yes the epic Suikoden series will be turning 15 years old and Konami plans to celebrate the title with an epic soundtrack spanning 25 DISCS! You are not seeing things, the soundtrack will indeed be on 25 Blu-spec discs.

The box set, titled “The Genso Suikoden Original Soundtrack Complete Box” will be on sale March 24th, 2011 and will be available exclusively through Konami Style. The set will include 650 remastered tracks from the following games.

Genso Suikoden (1995)(PS1)

Genso Suikoden II (1998)(PS1)

Genso Suikoden Gaiden Vol.1 (2000)(PS1)

Genso Suikoden Gaiden Vol.2 (2001)(PS1)

Genso Suikoden III (2002)(PS2)

Genso Suikoden IV (2004)(PS2)

Rhapsodia (2005)(PS2) – Suikoden Tactics in America.

Genso Suikoden V (2006)(PS2)

Genso Suikoden Tierkreis (2008)(DS)

Konami has stated that the soundtrack will only see release if enough pre-orders, which go through December 15, are made. I do hope this means that Konami has a renewed interest in the series and we could be seeing Suikoden VI right around the corner on the PS3. It has been far too long for us Suikoden fans as the last proper release was 4 years ago.