Web Surfing Made Possible From Within PlayStation Home Personal Spaces

November 8, 2010Written by Mike Hartnett

While it may not be the biggest breakthrough, it is still something neat that adds a bit more function to Home’s personal spaces, and that’s the ability to surf the web. With a little digging, we managed to find a workaround which will give you the ability to surf the web with some pals, if the need ever arises.

OK, we all know that group web surfing isn’t all that exciting. Heck, you’re browsing the web with us as you read this very paragraph. But if you’re ever chillin’ with some friends in one of Home’s personal spaces and perhaps want to show them a new YouTube video or game cheat, you now have that ability. The folks over at LOOT released a device called the MIB (Mobile Internet Browser), free of charge, in their portion of the Home Mall. This little appliance was meant to allow Home users the ability to surf through various LOOT, PlayStation, and Sony Pictures themed items through a stripped-down version of the PS3’s web browser, but we had another plan.

After the MIB’s initial release, users immediately found ways to escape the default pages and utilize Yahoo!’s search engine via links found at the bottom of the main page. The device was then removed from Home and then re-introduced with select links removed and some minor improvements made to the web portal. Well, we’ve discovered that it is once again possible to surf the web freely through the MIB by utilizing the portal’s privacy policy page. If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, you’ll notice a ‘Privacy Policy’ tag, click on that. Once on the privacy policy page, scroll to the right and you’ll notice click-able text that reads “Yahoo! Privacy Policy”, click on that. This will then redirect you to Yahoo!’s privacy policy page where the Yahoo! search bar is now completely available and usable. Viola, you can now browse the web through Yahoo!’s search engine from inside PlayStation Home!

Granted, this isn’t the greatest way to browse the web we’ve ever seen, as this portal is really bare-bones, with most options for the normal PS3 web browser grayed out. However it still gets the job done if your hanging with some online pals and just want to hop on a site or two without leaving Home. For all the latest Home news, tips and tricks, be sure to stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle!