Server Lists Blasting Their Way into Twisted Metal’s Multiplayer Environment

The announcement of Twisted Metal coming to the PlayStation 3 was arguably the most exciting announcement at this year’s E3. Better yet, even more thrilling was the fact that the game will incorporate a deep online multiplayer component; easily one of the most desired implementations by fans of the classic series. Now, it looks like the online portion will be host to both server lists and matchmaking, based on latest information from the director of the title.

David Jaffe, the director for Eat Sleep Play’s upcoming Twisted Metal title, shared some new information about the online environment of the title in this tweet:

“I THINK I can say…we’ll find out if this gets me in trouble:) But both.Server lists &Matchmaking.****ing LOVE server lists!”

Fast vehicles, weapons, explosions, and now server lists? What more can you ask for? Twisted Metal is bound to blast like dynamite when it smashes onto the PlayStation 3 sometime during 2011, likely during the fall or holiday season.