Uncharted Games and Movie “Can Exist Side By Side and Separate”

December 2, 2010Written by Sebastian Moss

While the news of an Uncharted movie starring Mark Wahlberg may have struck terror into the hearts of numerous gamers, there is still a chance that one of the PlayStation’s best series could become a terrific movie. But as rumors of a ‘Drake and family’ adventure movie hit, it was hard not to be worried for the film adaptation. With all these valid fears, how do the creators of Uncharted feel?

Amy Henning, Creative Director and Lead Writer on the Uncharted series explained to gameinformer:

I think that they can exist side by side and separate, and if they complement each other, that’s all I think our viewers and our fans want.


I don’t think that anybody would agree that any sort of slavish interpretation in either direction, whether you’re making a game based on a movie or a movie based on a game, is not the right way to go, because there’s differences in our media that should be taken advantage of, right? I think that’s why a lot of video game movies do fail, because they’re trying to be too slavish and literal, not just taking an idea and making a good film out of it.

Henning admitted:

The challenge for filmmakers is to do this thing justice, but then still do it justice as a film as well.

But remained optimistic about the film:

That’s why we’re so excited to be hooked up with the folks we are, if you think about it… Arad Productions, these are the guys that figured out how to turn comic books into really good films. They’ve got that whole log of all the Marvel films behind them. They’ve got this figured out, now they want to do it with games, and it’s about taking it seriously and spending the money and not just thinking of it as some sort of quick, cynical buck. And that’s why I’m excited to have David O. Russell attached as well, because if the guy that made Three Kings, if he wants to make an Uncharted movie, more power to him. It’s exciting to think that there’s real quality filmmakers and producers out there, they want to make really good films inspired by these games.

Can a strong history in films guarantee a good Uncharted movie, or are we destined for disappointment? Let us know in the comments below.