White Knight Chronicles Episode.Portable: Dogma Wars Hits PSP Soon

White Knight Chronicles is bringing its giant knights and your custom avatar to the PSP this February the 3rd in Japan. White Knight Chronicles Episode.Portable: Dogma Wars is set 10,000 years before the events of the most recently released installment for the PS3, Awakening of Light and Darkness.

Unlike the PS3 games, the large knights are your enemies this time around. The game will feature an infrastructure mode allowing for up to 4 players to team up for quests. The PS3 and PSP versions are also linked together with a possibility to unlock items for the PS3 game by playing WKC Portable.

This is the second great, PS3 exclusive RPG franchise to take its talents to the PSP, following Valkyria Chronicles. Let’s hope though that Level 5 will continue to support the console owners while also growing a strong audience with the handheld.