Best Buy Bundles $50 Gift Cards

December 16, 2010Written by Tyler Minarik

Holiday deals are as plentiful as ever this year, and Best Buy is joining the fray by including $50 gift cards with numerous PlayStation 3 bundles. There’s no doubt that a PlayStation 3 bundle is a great present for friends and family, but with the inclusion of a $50 gift card the option is open to choose another great game, movie, controller, or other accessory to accompany it. Best Buy is currently featuring six varieties of bundles to choose from, but two in particular are especially worthy of purchase.

First up is the Gran Turismo 5 bundle for all the racing fans out there. With over 1000 cars to battle it out with, this should keep anyone busy for a long time to come. It includes the 160GB model PS3, as well as the movie Grown Ups on Blu-ray disc, all for $349. The second noteworthy bundle is also a 160GB model PS3, but instead includes Little Big Planet, ModNation Racers, and Cars. Retailing at $300, this one is a little easier on the wallet, kid friendly, and packs plenty of content with two of Sony’s exclusive play, create, share style games. Either way, this is a great deal. Check it out here at Best Buy, and be sure to click the check box next to the $50 gift card item at the bottom of the page.

Will you be picking on of these up for a lucky family member this year? Let us know in the comments below, and stick with PlayStation LifeStyle for more holiday deals and news!