Chimera Invade New Resistance 3 Screens

Since the VGAs, new information on the highly anticipated Resistance 3 has been pouring in.  Resistance 3 will feature an all new campaign placing the player in control of Joseph Capelli as the new protagonist, taking place 4 years after the events of Resistance 2.  In an improved cooperative mode, 2 Players will be able to team up offline and online to fight the Chimeran horde throughout the campaign.  Also, with a re-focused competitive multiplayer mode, new weapons that are upgradeable throughout the game, and smarter enemies than ever, Resistance 3 should prove to be the best in the series.

Now, new screen shots of the game have surfaced and they look great.  It appears Capelli will be defending his boat from impending doom as he makes his away across the US  in his most perilous mission yet.  Fighting off the ever frightening grims that now leap over any obstacle in their way, as well as enormous robotic weapons looks better than ever.  Close inspection also reveals that Capelli may be traveling quite a distance on his vessel, as evidenced by snow in one picture that is completely absent in the others.  Check it out in the screens below!