New PixelJunk Shooter 2 Info and Trailer

When PixelJunk Shooter released it gained plenty of praise, so when a sequel was announced it was no surprise to anyone.  Unfortunately, after that announcement there was little information in the coming months. That has all changed with a new trailer and some juicy information.

Dylan Cuthbert, President and Executive Producer at Q-Games, stopped by the PSBlog to share some new information as well as a brand new trailer. PixelJunk Shooter 2 will have three new worlds, with all new puzzles, enemies, bosses and liquids to discover. Now that may seem like a enough for fans of the original, but he also had some new information about a brand new online battle mode.

For the first time in a PixelJunk series there will be an online competitive battle mode. PixelJunk Shooter 2 online battle mode takes the competitive mode, and flips it on its head. Their mode is instead more of a cat and mouse battle with each player taken turns as the hunter and the hunted. When playing as the mouse you will be invisible to your foe unless your directly in his line of sight.  This will give you the opportunity to cautiously sneak around them to grab survivors and take them to your base. Each survivor you rescue is worth a point, but when other person takes the role as the mouse they may steal them back.

Finally there will also be a unique league system, that when you earn money you can buy unique weapons to take into battle. Using these weapons, as well as winning will grant you access to higher leagues and better weapons. This surely looks to be a compelling and addicting multiplayer feature.

Check out the full trailer as well as some images below: