Yakuza of the End Has Its Forklift License

If you thought Kazuma Kiryu might get a break after fighting mobs of Yakuza through the years, your are gravely mistaken. Yakuza of the End now brings overly used zombies into the fray and Kiryu and gang are getting brand new weapons for just the occasion.

In the latest issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu, it is revealed that gamers won’t just be using their fists or swords to fight off the apocalypse. Tanks, armored cars, bulldozers and even the occasional forklift will be at players disposal. Now don’t worry if you run out of gas because you can always use grab a fire extinguisher, chainsaw, or the deadly pitching machine!

Yakuza of the End takes the fight to gamers March 17th in Japan with no word yet about a western release.