Killzone 3 to have 70 Minutes of Cut-Scenes

January 13, 2011Written by Tyler Minarik

Killzone 3 has been rated by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC). Specifically, they have placed a rating on supplementary cut-scenes which were provided to them by Sony Computer Entertainment.

The BBFC has listed their official rating of the material on their website, with the game being classified as ’18’. They also mention that the game “contains strong bloody violence and strong language”. This should come as no surprise. However, the interesting part to note is that this basically confirms there will be at least 70 minutes of cut-scenes for our viewing pleasure as we play through the game. Killzone 2 had some especially epic scenes, so it’s great to know that we have almost a full length movie’s worth of them coming at us for round 3. When Guerrilla Games’ Steven Ter Heide was asked last year if the amount of foul language in Killzone 3 would be downplayed in comparison he responded:

Our sound director is here today and we said to him, ‘Go through the entire database and, anything that’s got s*** or f*** in it, just get rid of it – we don’t want to hear it ever again!  …  But we feel the dialogue in there shouldn‘t be gratuitous; it should be about advancing the story and natural responses. It shouldn’t be off-the-scale swearing.

While many of us placed in the same situation as our stalwart heroes would be swearing up a storm as a natural response, its definitely a good idea to focus on plot progression rather than gratuitous dialogue. Any one can be offensive and rude with ease, but telling a good story takes skill. Despite this redirection for the story telling portions of the game, the brutal melees and gun violence are still in place, and Killzone 3 will have earned its ’18’ rating.

Will you be picking up your copy for the progressive story, or for the violent gameplay?