Rage Quitters Meet Their Fate in Capcom’s World

January 14, 2011Written by Adam Wolfe

For anyone that plays a lot of online games, there really isn’t anything more annoying than a rage quitter — being seconds away from a victory, only to have your opponent run away with his tail between his legs. Finally, there is one developer that is going to flush the quitters down the shitter.

Rage quitting may not be a big deal when playing a large-scale match during a game with many opponents, but if you’re playing a fighting game with just one opponent, it gets down right frustrating. Fear no more, as Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 will be monitoring your connections with an invisible stat. It may not be obvious when playing, but rage quit and it gets noted, do this repeatedly, and you will only be placed in fights against other rage quitters. This may sound like a horrible idea for those that have a habit of doing this, but I for one think this is a great idea, and should help to provide a better online experience over time.

Look to put this feature to the test, when Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds releases on February 15th.