Dead Space 2, Your Mom Will Hate It

January 17, 2011Written by Adam Wolfe

Anyone that has spent any time with the original Dead Space knows just how violent, and gory, it was. With the sequel just over a week away, it promises to raise the violence bar even more, but what would happen if your mom decided to watch it? Looks like EA and Visceral games had that same thought when they decided on their latest campaign ad.

Very few developers like to talk about just how gritty, and bloody their game is going to be, not to mention how much your mom would hate it, but that hasn’t stopped Visceral Games. A new ad campaign has been discovered showcasing a group of moms that are sitting in front of a monitor watching Dead Space 2 in action, and hilarity ensues.

The women shown are all real focus group members, but it should be noted that “individuals were remunerated”, and were paid for their appearance.

Check Dead Space 2 out for yourself when it hits store shelves next week.