PlayStation Meeting Recap – Next Gen Portable, PlayStation on Android and More

You’ve probably just woken up to the news that Sony’s announced a new portable, with a slew of killer new games to boot, along with a ton of other announcements during the PlayStation Meeting 2011. To help you out, we’ve compiled all the important news from the event in one handy page.

The Handheld:

The big news of the day is the announcement of the “Next Generation Portable”, a placeholder codename for the successor to the PSP. Sporting impressive specs including an dual joysticks, OLED Screen, 3G, front and rear touch pads and an ultra-powerful processor (see full list here), the NGP will be a truly impressive device. More >>

Price is yet to be confirmed, with many predicting an E3 reveal, but Sony promises it will be “affordable” (read here), and don’t worry it won’t cost $599 (here). A bunch of analyst have also shared their thoughts on what the price will be. More >>

NGP is set to release this Christmas season. More >>

See hi-res photos of the NGP here.

And view a trailer of the NGP and LiveView (see below) right here.

The Games:

Sony will be bringing the full force of their first party studio’s might to bring a host of AAA games to the device, with highlights including Uncharted, Killzone, LittleBigPlanet and Resistance. More >>

Watch a montage of some of these games right here.

Nearly a hundred 3rd party developers and publishers were promised for the NGP (read here), including a new Call of Duty game (here) and a title from Rockstar (here), and, to top it off, a “dream” game from Kojima (here).

On top of that, the NGP will be backwards compatible with the PSP – although only with digital downloads. More >>

The Services:

Every NGP game will have LiveArea support, a new social interface to connect with the latest news on the game you’re playing, as well as connectivity with people on your friends list and even people in your vicinity. More >>

Similarly, ‘Near‘ will allow you to see what people around you are playing, along with other location based augmented gaming and services, using the NGP’s inbuilt GPS. More >>

A Chicken in Every Pot, A PlayStation in Every Phone:

PlayStation is coming to far more than just the Xperia Play, Sony have announced that they will release an Android PlayStation app, called PlayStation Suite, that will bring PS games to “PlayStation Certified” devices, including tablets and smartphones. More >>

Network Success:

As of January 25th, more than 69 Million PSN users have registered an account, with the users racking in over 1.4 billion downloads. Additionally, Sony revealed that a staggering 80% of PS3’s were connected to the internet. More >>

Swan Song:

While effectively announcing the end of the PSP, Sony revealed a rather impressive figure for their first outing into the portable gaming – the PSP has sold over 64 million units. More >>