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Rockstar Games Making a Game for NGP

January 27, 2011Written by Sebastian Moss

While the PlayStation Portable had a rather troubled history with 3rd Party Support, the 64 million selling handheld was home to one of the best portable games on any platform – Grand Theft Auto. With Rockstar once again setting their sights on Sony’s handheld offering, the NGP, it looks like we may just have another portable GTA soon.

Listing Rockstar as one of their 3rd Party developers from Europe, it means that either Rockstar North, Leeds or London are working on a game for NGP. Rockstar North are the creators of Grand Theft Auto, while Leeds handled the City Stories series and Chinatown Wars, making it rather likely that the latest game is a GTA – especially considering the commercial successes the PSP iterations were.

Do you want GTA on the NGP? Or would you rather Rockstar made a different game?