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Hirai: PlayStation Suite Could be Google TV Killer App

During the PlayStation Meeting event that happened in Tokyo, Japan on January 27th, the NGP stole the show. But also announced during that event, was PlayStation Suite, service bringing PlayStation-quality games to Android smartphones. Shortly after the event, there was talk of PlayStation Suite extending to other platforms in the future, one of which could be Google TV.

Sony is hard at work intertwining their various business ventures, as evident by the upcoming Xperia PLAY, an Android-based Sony Ericsson smartphone with slide-out PlayStation controls. Aside from the smartphone market, Sony also has a robust television line-up with its Bravia series of 3D and HDTVs.

One of their most recent models, the Sony’s Internet TV combined Sony Bravia quality with Google TV. Sales have been a little lacklustre not just for Sony’s Internet TVs, but for Google TV in general. According to a recent interview with SCE Group CEO Kaz Hirai, they might just have a killer app in store for Google TV.

While speaking with Nikkei, Hirai spoke candidly about PlayStation Suite and the possibility of the service making its way to other platforms, including Google TV, which Hirai says could be the killer app that gets Google TV to really take off:

If the use of the “Sony Internet TV Powered by Google TV (Google TV)” spreads and its sales volume increases, we might provide the PSS to its users, too. Also, we might provide the PSS as a killer application to spread the use of the Google TV.

Details are scarce regarding the PlayStation Suite aside from revealing that PSOne titles would hit the service at some point. But if Sony sees PlayStation Suite as “killer app” worthy, then they likely have big plans of the service.