Microsoft’s Major Nelson Pokes Fun at Kevin Butler’s Re-Tweet

Just a few days ago, PS3-ad personality Kevin Butler, or at least the person behind his Twitter feed, was found guilty of ignorance when he accidentally re-tweeted the encryption key for an older PS3 firmware, mistaking it for a code in the classic board game Battleship. The main personality for the Xbox community, and real person, Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb , decided to have some fun with the whole situation.

In a reply taunting the PS3’s advertising gem, Major Nelson decided to challenge Kevin to a friendly game. What game was that you might ask? If it wasn’t already obvious:

Anyone up for a game of battleship? 😉

Hey at least someone is showing joviality regarding the situation, because Sony sure isn’t. As funny as this tweet is, we’re more interested in just what Kevin (Sony) is planning to issue as a reply, if he plans to do so at all.

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