Xperia Play and PlayStation Network; Not So Compatible After-all

The Xperia Play was finally announced by Sony Ericsson and given a worldwide launch of March 2011, starting the hype train going at all new speeds. Nathan Vautier, managing director for Sony Ericsson UK has slammed down on the brakes of this train by announcing that previously purchased content on the PSN will not transfer to the Xperia Play.

Speaking with GameStop UK, Nathan gave the news that might have killed the idea of a PlayStation Phone for many gamers.

[Xperia Play owners] will have to repurchase the games, so it’s not totally integrated.

This comes as a bit of shock to many of us who had visions of playing many of their purchased games on not only their PSP and PS3, but also their brand new phone. Please let us know in the comments how you feel about this news.