Mass Effect 2 Upgrades and Polishes Hull in v1.01 Update

You might have heard that details for Mass Effect 2‘s upcoming DLC were leaked in its first major patch. BioWare has made it known that there will be an episode to tie loose ends together before Mass Effect 3 is released. But what about the patch?

Mass Effect 2 has finally received its long-awaited patch. Below are the patch notes for update v1.01, and needless to say, the changes have done proper justice to one of the most well-received titles this generation.

Patch Notes

-Fixed a crash related to memory fragmentation. This fix will also resolve the crashing that corrupted Save Games.

-Slightly improved load times and level streaming.

-Added some telemetry to better improve future titles.

-Updated some strings to fix spelling mistakes (Sorry Kaidan!)

-Fixed the picture frame in Shepard’s Cabin to accurately reflect your love interest choices in Mass Effect: Genesis.

-Fixed a rare crash in the PSN version in Shepard’s Cabin.

Users have reported that the load time improvements are noticeable. More importantly, the corrupted save issue that has affected many users is finally resolved.

If you’ve installed the patch, let us know what you think. We’d love to hear your thoughts on how BioWare has improved an already thrilling game.