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Potential Price, Release Date for Xperia Play Spotted

The PlayStation Phone Xperia Play has been known in the public space for what seems like forever. When Sony finally revealed the device, they were quick to dish out the specifications of the phone. Every detail had been divulged – except the price. A potential unlocked price has been spotted online, and may come as quite the sticker shock for some.

As seen on, the Xperia Play is currently available for pre-order for the princely sum of £519.99. This equates to approximately $840 USD/€614, although UK prices are generally higher. It should not be forgotten that this is the unlocked version of the phone, not tied to any phone carrier and as such not cost-subsidized. It isn’t too far off from the price of other unlocked high-end smartphones, so hopefully this means that the on-contract price will be in the $200-$300 price range. So, those of you who want the GSM version of the phone, or otherwise do not want/are ineligible to extend your contract with your current carrier, this may be the price you will have to pay come launch day. The rest of us will likely wait until we can get our hands on the subsidized version. The listing also notes a release date of March 28th, which falls in line with the European launch as stated by Sony earlier. Stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle for more on the Xperia Play as it develops.