PlayStation Release Horizon – Week of March 1, 2011

The best thing about the last day of the month is the that the first of the month is the very next day, which means many of us are getting paid. Provided that this month’s utility bills don’t eat up the entire month’s salary, why not spend a little on yourself once in a while with a gift that keeps on giving, such as a PlayStation game? This week, a highly anticipated fighter that has already received great praise from the media hits the PS3 just in time for the spring fever while the brother and sister platforms get left in the cold. 

Check out this week’s PlayStation releases below:


  • Fight Night Champion (03/01
  • Rango: The Video Game (03/01)


  • No new releases


  • No new releases

While there isn’t something for everyone, don’t let the retail release slump get in the way of your gaming fix. If nothing on the shelf piques your interest this week, hit up the PlayStation Store for some PixelJunk goodness among other downloadable delicacies.