Sony Plans Apocalptic Advertising Campaign

March 10, 2011Written by Sebastian Moss

In a year filled with more PlayStation 3 exclusives than Kevin Butler job titles, 2011 will see Sony ramping up their marketing campaign to highlight their strong line-up. In the US, the company will be launching an “Only On PlayStation” campaign, while in the UK, Sony have upped their marking push for upcoming titles, including next week’s MotorStorm Apocalypse.

An incredible £850,000 has been invested in the UK alone, with MCVUK reporting that marketing highlights include being part of their year-long sponsorship of Channel 5 movies (that has already promoted LBP2) and 3D trailers that will be shown in cinemas, on Sky 3D and Sky’s Pub Channel.

Sony Product Manager Kerri West talked to MCV about MotorStorm Apocalypse Live, a tournament that pits several gaming communities against each other, held on Thursday, March 10th in a dilapidated Central London warehouse:

We will be making a lot of noise above the line at release but MotorStorm Apocalypse Live is the lynch pin of our strategy

Like the game, it’s edgy and extreme – pitching our media partners against each other will invoke a lot of community spirit. And it will ensure we stay at the forefront of gamers’ minds for a good long run-up to release day.

On top of that, monster truck-mounted demo stands will roll out to The Bullring in Birmingham and Westfield London.

Motorstorm: Apocalypse comes out on March 16th in Europe, 18th in the UK and April 12th in North America.