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Download the PlayStation LifeStyle App for Android

March 27, 2011Written by Anthony Severino

Soon, the Xperia PLAY is going to launch across the world, marking the very first PlayStation-certified Android smartphone. As soon as we heard that Android and PlayStation would soon go hand and hand, we realized it was high-time to get ourselves an Android app. And we did.

Right now, in the Android Market, you can download an app for PlayStationLifeStyle. Either search for us, use the trusty QR code below or visit this link for details on how to download.

The pic below will give you an idea as to what the app looks like. It has 3 seperate sections: news, reviews and trophy guides.

An app for iOS is in the works and is currently being tested. This is the beta version of our app and a bigger, better version is already being worked on.