Catherine Strips Down; Reveals Pre-Order Bonuses and Release Date

May 2, 2011Written by Cameron Teague

Quirky titles have become a normal thing when you talk about Japanese games and developer Atlus is bringing us even more of this when they release their upcoming adventure-climbing-sex game Catherine. Atlus U.S.A. have announced that Catherine will be feeling up store shelves all over North America on July 26th.

The good sensation does not stop there as they have announced the Love is Over Deluxe Edition for the low price of $79. If you’re curious as to what kind of toys and goodies you will have to hide from your friends or family, see below.

For those not in the loop and interested after seeing the goodies you can get for just an extra $10, Catherine puts players in charge of Vincent, a man who can’t decide between two ladies (who can?). The problem here is that when he dreams, he enters a world of unspeakable terrors, weird sheep, and a lot of climbing.

Let us know in the comments if you plan to pick this up July 26th for the PlayStation 3.